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Action 2020 Priorities

Climate Change
Release of Nutrients
Ecosystem Degradation

Freshwater for All
Basic Needs & Rights
Skills & Employment

Nexus Group: Food
Well-being & Sustainable Lifestyles
Release of Harmful Substances

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Background Information: US BCSD Focus Areas

Energy & water efficiency converges with PACE financing, a voluntary program enabling long-term affordable financing for facility retrofits. We can help the decision-making process for efficiency measures, identifying key barriers and developing recommendations on how to overcome them. More…

Creating a circular economy in which materials are reused to their fullest potential, By-Product Synergy turns one company’s waste into another company’s resource. Matching by-product streams creates new revenues or savings, and social and environmental benefits, making it a smart business decision. More…

Natural Capital
Providing business with the tools and skills needed to manage ecosystem services. This includes cutting-edge applications and techniques to identify business opportunities related to ecosystem services, and opportunities to develop meaningful projects to achieve corporate sustainability objectives. More…

Collaboration at the watershed level ensures competing users have continued access to water supplies. Where and how is this being done effectively, and how can these efforts be scaled? The US BCSD Louisiana Water Synergy collaboration forum provides an engine for creative thinking and action for water sustainability. More…

Background Information: Action 2020

In 2009, 29 WBCSD members produced Vision 2050, a report that plots a pathway to a world in which 9 billion people live well and within the boundaries of the planet. Taking Vision 2050 one step further to deliver tangible outcomes, the WBCSD is developing a framework for action called From Vision 2050 to Action 2020 – Action 2020 for short – to rally the efforts of business to deliver on the economic, environmental and social promises made in Vision 2050.

Symbolizing the WBCSD’s move from developing thought leadership to driving action,Action 2020 is one of the Council’s flagship projects and is supported by 15 co-chair members and 23 core members.

The framework will consist of three elements:

  • Societal/Planetary Goals which must be met by 2020 to achieve Vision 2050.
  • Business Solutions: Sets of specific actions led by business to achieve one or more Societal/Planetary Goal by 2020.
  • Impact measurement and action monitoring to assess progress at company/sector/country levels.
  • The project will deliver this framework for action over the course of 2013.