July 17, 2013 – Morning Sessions

Setting the StageFrom Vision 2050 to Action 2020 | Enablers for Action

What actions are needed by business in the next seven years to help ensure we live in a sustainable world by 2050? WBCSD’s Action 2020 “must haves” provide specific goals to be achieved by 2020 in water, ecosystems, materials and energy.

How do we enable action? Hear from communication experts, regulators, the finance community, innovators and researchers about what they’re doing to drive towards these sustainability goals, and how they can help your company’s efforts.

Introductions8:00 - 8:15amAndrew Mangan, US BCSD; Jessica McGlyn, WBCSD-US; Stuart DeCew, Yale UniversityKroon Hall
From Vision 2050 to Action 20208:15 - 8:55amMatthew Lynch, WBCSDKroon Hall
Enablers for Action8:55 - 9:50amPatrick Doherty, New America Foundation; Richard Kidd, US Army; Scott Nadler, ERM; Susan Burek, Ingersoll RandKroon Hall
Meeting Objectives9:50 - 10:00amScott Nadler, ERMKroon Hall

Take Action on Water: Sharing Water: Engaging Business | Innovation through Water Synergy | WBCSD Water Pathways

Action 2020 Priority: Freshwater for All

Collaboration at the watershed level ensures competing users have continued access to water supplies. Where and how is this being done effectively, and how can these efforts be scaled? The US BCSD Louisiana Water Synergy collaboration forum provides an engine for creative thinking and action for water sustainability. Hear how collaboration is turning into open innovation.

WBCSD water pathways cover a wide range of water-related issues. These water management challenges include balancing water usage with water supplies; sustaining water ecosystems; water use efficiency; discharge water quality; and access to clean water for all. This panel will discuss business solutions to tackle these challenges. How can your company apply and scale these solutions?

Innovation through Water Synergy10:15 - 10:45amSusan Fernandes, US BCSD; Gerry Learmonth, UVAKroon Hall
Business Solutions to Water Management Challenges10:45 - 11:45amEd Pinero, Veolia Water; Duska Disselhoff, Shell; Lisa Downes, The Nature Conservancy; Sarah Mack, Tierra ResourcesKroon Hall

Take Action on Ecosystems: The Business Case for Action

Action 2020 Priority: Stop Ecosystem Degradation

Ecosystems are nature’s capital and are as critical for a successful business as financial capital. We’ll present an approach that can help decision-makers recognize, demonstrate and capture the values of ecosystems and biodiversity, including how to incorporate these values into your business.

Action 2020 must haves call for a dramatic reduction in ecosystem degradation, and that the capacity of ecosystems that provide services to society are maintained or enhanced. What scalable business solutions are working towards these goals?

Introduction to Natural Capital1:00 - 1:15pmKieran Sikdar, US BCSD and Jessica McGlyn, WBCSDKroon Hall
Business Case for Action1:15 - 1:30pmBrad Raffle, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLPKroon Hall
Natural Systems for Water Management1:30 - 1:45pmCharlie Dobbs, AlcoaKroon Hall
Q&A1:45 - 1:55pmAudienceKroon Hall

July 17th, 2013 – Afternoon Sessions

Take Action on Materials: Expand By-Product Synergy | Scale Recycling | Sustainable Consumption & Value Chain

Action 2020 Priority: Reduce Release of Nutrient Elements and Harmful Substances, and promote Sustainable Lifestyles

How do we create a circular economy in which materials are reused to their fullest potential? One pathway that is gaining momentum worldwide is by-product synergy; turning one company’s waste into another company’s resource. Matching by-product streams creates new revenues or savings, and social and environmental benefits, making it a reasonable business decision. How do we scale BPS nationwide? Companies, cities and communities are working hard on this challenge right now across the USA. Learn how this systems thinking approach can be used, adapted and scaled for your organization.

Increasing US recycling rates and recovery of sufficient amounts of clean usable materials for reuse is another critical pathway. Join an active and growing discussion about how current and proposed programs and policy alternatives can be scaled to address this problem and promote more sustainable lifestyles.

Expand By-Product Synergy1:55 - 2:55pmMarian Chertow, Yale; John Bradburn, GM; Alan Hecht, EPAKroon Hall
Recycling & Sustainable Consumption2:55 - 3:25pmRobert Ter Kuile, PepsiCo; Bob Gedert, City of AustinKroon Hall
Break3:25 - 3:35pmAllKroon Hall

Take Action on Climate Change

Action 2020 Priority: Address Climate Change

Take action on climate change and make the big cuts to GHG emissions by 2020 that scientists say we need to live within the planetary boundaries. Learn about solutions that slow the rate of increase of atmospheric concentrations of GHGs through drastic reductions in emissions, carbon capture, and value chain GHG reductions. Hear how taking these steps can in many cases save your company big money and increase efficiency in your supply chain.

Take Action on Climate Change3:35 - 4:35pmJames Bradbury, WRI; Marty Spitzer, WWF; Paul Lhoeffelman, AEP; Chris Librie, HPKroon Hall

Take Action on Energy: Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Action 2020 Priority: Address Climate Change

Scale up real change in the building sector through the Energy Efficiency in Buildings 2.0 project. In Philadelphia’s Navy Yard, one of the nation’s largest and most dynamic redevelopments, hear how the EEB Hub is using Advanced Energy Retrofits to re-energize buildings for the future, promote regional economic growth, and create jobs.

In Texas, energy and water efficiency converges with Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing – a voluntary program enabling long-term affordable financing for commercial and industrial retrofits. The Texas PACE Bill was recently passed by Texas legislature – hear how this opens the door to improved efficiency for Texas companies.

And in San Francisco, the WBCSD’s Decision Maker Engagement process is helping building owners across different market segments analyze the decision-making process for efficiency measures, identify key barriers and develop recommendations on how to overcome them. Take action and join the effort to launch other regional EEB and PACE-enabled projects around the US.

Energy Efficiency in Buildings4:35 - 5:35pmBill Sisson, UTC; Michael Deane, Turner Construction; Adam Slakman, ULI and Greenprint Foundation; Jessica Bailey, Conn. Clean Energy Finance and Investment AuthorityKroon Hall

Wind down: Cocktails and Dinner

Join us for a relaxing evening of networking and one final speaker, Anthony Leiserowitz, before moving to one of the best spots on the Yale campus for dinner.

Cocktails with Anthony Leiserowitz5:30 - 6:30pmAnthony Leiserowitz, YaleUnion League
Dinner7:00 - closeNetworkingUnion League

July 18th, 2013 – Take Action

Set the Stage: Planetary Boundaries and Global Efforts | Creating Action

A sense of urgency has caused the WBCSD to look for priorities from an earth science and social science perspective. Learn how the WBCSD, US BCSD and top universities worldwide are starting to work together to align research, business education and regional project collaboration to scale up sustainability solutions.

Get ready for action. Yale professors from the School of Management and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies will facilitate assessment sessions to help companies gauge where they are in the sustainability spectrum and which key strategies make the most sense to be working on.

Day 2 Objectives8:00 - 8:15amScott Nadler, ERMKroon Hall
Planentary Boundaries8:15 - 8:45amDavid Skelly, YaleKroon Hall
Yale Global Network8:45 - 9:15amDavid Bach, YaleKroon Hall
Transformative Innovation9:15 - 10:15amPaul Anastas, YaleKroon Hall

Water Action Lab: UVA Bay Game | Create Action Plans

10:30 to 12:00pm, facilitated by Gerry Learmonth, UVA

Jump into the roles of farmers, developers, and local policy-makers in the University of Virginia’s Bay Game and see the impacts of your decisions and those of others on the watershed. Think broadly about how role-playing scenarios encourage and facilitate regional collaboration, and develop ways to bring collaborative water projects to your watersheds.

Energy Action Lab: Create Action Plans

10:30 to 12:00pm, with Elizabeth Turnbull Henry, adidas Group; Jed Richardson, Johnson & Johnson; and David Gilford, NYCEDC.

How can your organization craft a strategy for investing in efficiency internally? Learn about a few successful models already working, for example, the adidas Group’s greenENERGY Fund, which is like a sustainability venture capital fund for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that’s accelerating energy and carbon reduction projects and delivering a net profit. And work together to build action plans that focus on enabling energy efficiency in your organization.

What would it take to establish energy efficiency in buildings action plans for your region? Participants will explore approaches that fit the needs of their cities or regions. What are the next steps to taking action? And how do focus areas like water, and enablers like finance and innovation help?

Materials Action Lab: BPS & Industrial Ecology Expo | Create Action Plans

1:00 to 2:30pm, facilitated by Marian Chertow, Yale

Curious about how By-Product Synergy works? We’ve created an industrial ecology expo that will allow you to conceptualize materials flows, identify synergies, and go through the processes to get them implemented. Combine these creative ideas with enablers discussed the previous day to develop new strategies to scale up.

Ecosystems Action Lab: Create Action Plans

1:00 to 2:30pm, facilitated by Brad Gentry, Yale; Kieran Sikdar, US BCSD; Barbara McCutchan, Virginia Tech; Brad Raffle, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Whether your organization is ready to kick-off a green infrastructure project, begin valuing ecosystems and biodiversity in financial analyses, or just wants to learn more about this fast-growing focus area, we have a spot for you in this action lab. Leverage case studies, US BCSD tools from our synergy process, and our Business Ecosystems Training natural capital assessment to create focused ecosystems action plans and dive deeper into the business case for ecosystem-based projects.

All-day: Focused Work Sessions

Are you looking to move to action and ready work with like-minded colleagues to piece together project plans? We don’t want to slow you down – use these all-day-if-needed breakout sessions to piece together the nuts and bolts. Not quite there yet? Join our action labs and keep moving down the path.

Hackathon Challenges

Throughout the second day, attendees will help define specific challenges to be presented to a highly focused, highly creative group of software developers who will be challenged to invent and build solutions at the data-driven, technology-based “sustainability hackathon” currently in development by the US BCSD and the Yale Center for Business and Environment.

Action Plan Presentations and Meeting Closing
Presentations3:00 - 3:30pmAll Action Lab Groups and Focused Breakout GroupsKroon Hall
Closing3:30 - 3:45pmAndy Mangan, US BCSDKroon Hall

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